Welcome to New Trainers

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

We are excited to welcome seventeen newly badged Trainers to our community. The group recently finished their program with Karen Word and are now certified to teach new Carpentry Instructors.

Join us in welcoming Tania Allard, Anne C. Axel, Mik Black, Murray Cadzow, Mesfin Diro, Caroline Fadeke Ajilogba, Anne Fouilloux, Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran, Claire Hardgrove, Toby Hodges, SherAaron Hurt, Senzo Mpungose, David Perez-Suarez, Juliane Schneider, Nicholas Tierney, Jessica Upani, Elizabeth Williams.

This was a very widely distributed group, so congratulations to the group and to Karen for making the training work across a challenging number of time zones.

Instructor training in New Zealand will get a boost with the addition of Mik and Murray. Adding Claire and Nicholas has doubled Trainer numbers in Australia. Expansion of Carpentries activity throughout Africa will accelerate with the addition of new Trainers Caroline, Senzo, Mesfin, and Jessica. Senzo and Caroline have already co-instructed with Erin Becker and Martin Dreyer at this workshop. The revival of the African Task Force should also spark an uptick in activity across the African continent. Alejandra, David, and Tania will also help build our Spanish language representation as we expand into Central and South America.

We look forward to many upcoming opportunities to teach with our new Trainer cohort!

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