Call for Code of Conduct Committee Volunteers

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

The Carpentries are dedicated to developing and empowering a diverse community of enthusiasts around computational methods for research and data science. Whether you are an Instructor, learner, Maintainer, Mentor, Trainer, Executive Council member, Champion, or member of our Staff, you belong to this community. We are committed to creating avenues for you to contribute that are welcoming and inclusive, whether in-person or online.

Our Code of Conduct (CoC) serves a vital role in this commitment, as it outlines our commitment to provide a welcoming and supportive environment to all people regardless of who you are, or where you come from. Our CoC outlines very detailed reporting guidelines and an enforcement policy, so that, should violations occur, members of our community can rest assured that their concerns are being handled appropriately and in a timely manner.

The CoC was last updated in 2016. To read more about how these documents were developed, see this blog post. In a recent review however, we realized that we needed to increase the transparency of how the Code of Conduct Committee handles Code of Conduct incident reports, update wording that would discourage reporting incidents and update how we handle urgent situations. We’re consulting with Sage Sharp of Otter Tech Diversity and Inclusion Consulting to address these issues and make appropriate updates.

In revisiting the CoC, we now also have openings for the Code of Conduct Committee, and are looking for committee members who are passionate about equity and inclusion to serve on this committee. The Carpentries Code of Conduct Committee manages all responses to reports of conduct violations, and advises the Executive Council on the need to alter any of the policies under its purview.

As this committee deals with complex issues including ethics, confidentiality, and conflict resolution, upon appointment, members of the committee will receive incident response training from Otter Tech.

Be a part of a committee that ensures that our community continues to thrive on diversity of thought and perspective. Complete this application to apply to serve. The deadline for applications is Monday, March 19 at 1100 UTC.

Should you have questions about the Code of Conduct, or want clarification on the roles and responsibilities of this committee, please contact the CoC committee.

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