Upcoming Membership Webinar

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

Organizational memberships are a great way to build your local Carpentries’ instructor community.

Members organizations can run Software and Data Carpentry workshops more often, and can organize workshops for specific communities within their institution. As part of our membership services, we provide members with instructor training and mentorship, and give you easy access to pre- and post-workshop assessment surveys. As your organization leverages their membership to grow your pool of experienced instructors, we seek to find opportunities to connect common needs across our membership.

Learn how this works, and how you can help us bring impactful Carpentries workshops to your organization at our upcoming membership webinar. Led by Executive Director Jonah Duckles, thwe webinar will take place at 7pm UTC on 5 December.

See local date and time in your zone.

The format will be a short presentation on what membership is, and how your organization can benefit. There will then be plenty of time for Q&A. Connection details (via Zoom) and sign up are on this etherpad.

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