Green Stickies for 2017: Report from the Happy Holidays Green Sticky Party Calls

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

When Carpentries’ staff score a win, we call it a #greensticky. So for our final community calls for 2017, we hosted two Happy Holidays Green Sticky Parties to celebrate wins we have had this year. The calls highlighted successes, both personal ones, and wins for the wider community.

Among the pluses reported were:

  • The upcoming Data and Software Carpentry merger
  • Plans to bring Library Carpentry into the fold
  • Planning for our 2018 CarpentryCon event
  • Starting bi-lingual (English/Spanish) teaching demos
  • Getting ideas for starting a community from the Community Champions calls
  • Teaching a Software Carpentry workshop for the first time
  • Successfully using Carpentry-style teaching in an undergraduate programming course
  • Getting to meet community members in person

Tracy Teal said that calls like these are the #greensticky, and no-one disagreed.

Red stickies got less air time (this was a party, after all!) but both calls discussed their biggest (Carpentry-related) fear for

  1. These included:
  • Leaving people behind
  • Different world views in Data and Software Carpentry - can we sound like ‘one band’?
  • Keeping our brand strong as we grow (and other scaling issues)
  • Keeping our community engaged and informed
  • Community renewal so the same people aren’t always volunteering

For those who couldn’t make either call, sorry we missed you! You can see the conversations on the etherpad.

Happy Holidays and see you in 2018.

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