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Call for Contributions: Geospatial and Social Sciences Lessons

“Get involved as we prepare to publish two new Data Carpentry curricula”

This post originally appeared on the Data Carpentry website

The Data Carpentry community has published two full workshop curricula in 2017, both targeted towards researchers in the life sciences. We had our first lesson release for our Ecology lessons in May, followed by the release of the Genomics workshop materials in November.

Data Carpentry lessons are domain-specific, and targeted towards helping researchers in particular domains gain the skills they need to conduct their research efficiently and reproducibly. We’re excited to broaden our reach to researchers outside of the life sciences starting in mid-2018 with the release of curricula for working with Geospatial and Social Sciences data.

Carpentry lessons are developed by and for the community. Lend a hand in developing these materials and preparing them for publication and teaching. There are many ways to get involved, ranging from helping edit the existing lesson drafts, to running pilot workshops, to serving as a Maintainer for the completed lessons. We are also setting up a Curriculum Advisory Committees for the two sets of lessons. Members of these Committees will help ensure these lessons stay up-to-date and continue to serve the needs of our learners.

How you can contribute

We are asking anyone interested in helping now (or in the future) to fill out a brief form before December 20th so that we can organize the effort:

Contribution Form for Geospatial Lessons

Contribution Form for Social Sciences Lessons

If you don’t get a chance to fill out the form by December 20th, but still want to be involved, please get in touch with Erin Becker (ebecker@carpentries.org).

While experience in geospatial or social sciences research, and experience with the Carpentry community are a plus, there are many ways to contribute even if you don’t have this background. Please circulate this link and post to others who might be interested. We be following up near the end of January 2018 to organize everyone and provide more information.

Thanks to everyone who is working to move these lessons to the next stage!

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