Celebrate the Wins of 2017: Join the year's final community call

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

When Carpentries staff get a win, we call it a #greensticky. These are things to celebrate with a resounding ‘Yay!’

So we decided to turn our regular December community call (our last for the year) into a Happy Holidays GreenSticky Party.

2017 has been a BIG year for our community. We negotiated the Carpentries merger, got planning underway for 2018’s CarpentryCon, trained a whole bunch of new instructors and trainers, and restarted our mentoring groups - and of course a ton of workshops were taught all round the globe. As we wind down for the holidays, it is worth taking time out to think over the great moments of the year.

  • Perhaps you got a paper accepted, or you attended a fantastic conference.
  • Maybe you snared a new dream job or taught your first workshop.
  • Perhaps you finally finished your instructor checkout or got your institution to join the Carpentries.
  • Or maybe you finally submitted your PhD!

Whatever your good news story of 2017, we want to hear about it at our December community call. Come along and tell us about YOUR #greensticky for 2017.

There will be two call times on 14 December - 2pm UTC and 11pm UTC. See the date and time for the first call and the second call in your time zone.

Come along and share your good news with other members of the Carpentries community.

Party hats optional …

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