Request for Comment: Share your thoughts on the future of The Carpentries

This post originally appeared on the Data Carpentry website

We are now requesting comments on plans related to The Carpentries!

A blog post last week provided history and some context behind the planning still in progress for the eventual merger of Data Carpentry and Software Carpentry into a unified organization, tentatively called The Carpentries. An outline of the planned structure, roles, and responsibilities of The Carpentries is now available, and we request your feedback through a series of Requests for Comment and related GitHub issues by October 6, 2017.

Requests for Comment (RFCs, also called Requests for Public Comment) are a tool used by government groups and other organizations to solicit feedback on planned actions which may affect a broad community. So far we have attempted to keep you apprised of the planning process, but want to incorporate community input into the unified vision and plan presented in the following topics:

  • RFC1 Organization and responsibilities of The Carpentries
  • RFC2 Board of Directors
  • RFC3 Membership Council (transition from current Software Carpentry Advisory Council)
  • RFC4 Staff
  • RCF5 Financial organisation
  • RFC6 Subcommittees and task forces
  • RFC7 Lesson Organizations

Please head over to the GitHub repository and add your comments to relevant issues by October 6, 2017. If you prefer not to respond on GitHub, or would like to remain anonymous, you may respond to the RFCs using this Google Form.

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