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Job Opportunity: Community Development Lead

This post originally appeared on the Data Carpentry website

Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry are hiring a Community Development Lead!

We are excited to announce a position as a full-time staff member to lead community development activities! Software and Data Carpentry have an active global community of researchers, volunteers, learners and member organizations. This person will cultivate and grow this community, developing communication strategies and opportunities for the community to connect with and support each other. You will become an active member of our team of staff and will work with people around the world to advance our mission of building a community teaching digital research skills to make research more productive and reproducible.

As the Community Development Lead, you will oversee Software and Data Carpentry’s community engagement efforts to develop and support the community, creating pathways for participation and increased communication. You will lead blog, newsletter and social media efforts, help develop online resources, participate in the mentorship subcommittee and help facilitate the development of regional groups. You will also have the opportunity to guide efforts to reach underserved communities and to be involved in instructor training.

For details, including a full job description and the application procedure, please see the Jobs page. This is a joint Software and Data Carpentry position and is cross-listed on both websites.

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