Announcing for Lesson Infrastructure Subcommittee

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

One of the issues that we have with the styles, lesson-example, and workshop-template repositories is that some issues or pull request just sit around for a long time because of the lack of ownership of those repositories. Going on with the Proposal for Lesson Infrastructure Subcommittee, that will try to solve that issue, we would like to announce that Subcommittee calendar for 2017.

Month Activities
February Lesson Infrastructure Subcommittee meeting.
April Lesson Infrastructure Subcommittee meeting.
May Repositories freeze for release.
June Lesson release and Lesson Infrastructure Subcommittee meeting.
September Lesson Infrastructure Subcommittee meeting.
October Repositories freeze for release.
November Lesson release and Lesson Infrastructure Subcommittee meeting.

If you are the maintainer of a Software Carpentry or Data Carpentry and want to vote on issues or pull request on styles, lesson-example, or workshop-template repositores please email Kate Hertweck or Raniere Silva until January 27th 23:59 Pacific Time.

Once we have the list of Lesson Infrastructure Subcommittee members we will find a suitable time for meeting between February 6th and February 10th.

We will continue to welcome issues and pull request to styles, lesson-example, and workshop-template and making our lessons a community effort.

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