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The Carter Lab at The Jackson Laboratory is seeking an Associate Research Scientist in the genetics of Alzheimer’s disease. [Our group] ( is developing novel computational methods to derive biological models from large-scale genomic data. The strategies we pursue involve combining statistical genetics concepts such as epistasis and pleiotropy to understand how many genetic factors combine to control disease-related processes in neurodegeneration. We are therefore seeking an individual with expertise in epistasis analysis as it pertains to studies of Alzheimer’s genetics in humans.

The [Jackson Laboratory] ( in Bar Harbor, Maine, USA, is recognized internationally for its excellence in research, unparalleled mouse resources, outstanding training environment characterized by scientific collaboration, and exceptional core services - all within a spectacular setting adjacent to Acadia National Park. The Jackson Laboratory was voted among the top 15 “Best Places to Work in Academia” in the United States in a poll conducted by The Scientist magazine.

Broad skills in statistical genetics, the genetics of human disease, and Alzheimer’s etiology are required. Applicants must have a commitment to solving biological problems and communicating these solutions.

Applicants should have a PhD. in the computational sciences, and postdoctoral experience related to bioinformatics and computational biology, particularly as it relates to Alzheimer’s disease. Candidates should have a record of scientific achievements including journal publications and conference presentations.

Please contact Dr. Greg Carter directly at gregory.carter (at) using the subject line “SWC research scientist ad”.

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