1 -16 August, 2016: Assessment Deputy Director, Policy Subcommittee, Code of Conduct, Workshop Resources, Bug BBQ, and Vacancies.

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.


  • Dr. Kari L. Jordan has been appointed as Data Carpentry’s new Deputy Director of Assessment.
  • Join the Policy Subcommittee and/or provide feedback on the Reporting Guide for handling potential Code of Conduct Violations.
  • Data Carpentry has put together a terrific resource for workshop organisation.
  • Read about our recent Bug BBQ that was held in the lead up to publishing our lessons.



  • @CISTIB is now hiring research software engineers.
  • Find the Carpentries on Facebook.
  • High Energy Physics software training for the 21st century inspired by the principles of Software Carpentry.
  • You can now also order Software Carpentry apparel and accessories from Cafe Press.


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