First Conference of Research Software Engineers: Call for Participation

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

The RSE Conference on September 15-16, 2016, in Manchester will be the first conference to focus exclusively on the issues that affect people who write and use software in research. We’re looking for submissions that will investigate and communicate ideas and expertise from the RSE community.

This is not a standard academic conference! We welcome researchers, but we also want to hear from people who may not typically attend conferences.

From running a workshop, sharing your ideas or simply attending, there are many ways in which you can participate. We want to hear from you about the new technologies and techniques that help you in your work. We want your opinions on what will make the conference even more useful. And, of course, we want you to attend!

For more information, please see the full announcement.

What is a Research Software Engineer?

  1. Are you employed to develop software for research?
  2. Are you spending more time developing software than conducting research?
  3. Are you employed as a postdoctoral researcher, even though you predominantly work on software development?
  4. Are you the person who does computers in your research group?
  5. Are you sometimes not named on research papers despite playing a fundamental part in developing the software used to create them?
  6. Do you lack the metrics needed to progress your academic career, like papers and conference presentations, despite having made a significant contribution through software?

If you answered ‘yes’ to many of these questions, you may be an RSE. To learn more, visit

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