Our Code of Conduct

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

The amazing Software and Data Carpentry community of instructors and learners is the foundation of our organizations. We have more than 500 instructors from 30 countries and have had over 20,000 learners in our workshops.

Software and Data Carpentry are community driven organizations. We value the involvement of everyone in this community - learners, instructors, hosts, developers, steering committee members, and staff. We are committed to creating a friendly and respectful place for learning, teaching and contributing. All participants in Software and Data Carpentry events or communications are expected to show respect and courtesy to others.

Core to our organizations is creating a friendly and welcoming community. Therefore, we would like to reiterate that anyone participating in Software and Data Carpentry activities must comply with our Code of Conduct. This code of conduct applies to all spaces managed by Software and Data Carpentry, including, but not limited to, workshops, email lists, and online forums.

We are so fortunate to have such a strong and supportive community of contributors, instructors, and learners and we are committed to supporting and maintaining that community!

Dialogue & Discussion

Comments must follow our Code of Conduct.

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