November 11 - December 16, 2015: 2016 Steering Committee Election, Projects, Instructor Training and More, Lessons, Workshop Feedback, and Data Carpentry is Hiring.

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  • The Software Carpentry Foundation will hold its annual Steering Committee election in February 2016. Active Software Carpentry community members are invited to both stand for and vote in the elections.
  • The first candidate for the Steering Committee elections is Belinda Weaver. Learn more about her history with Software Carpentry and see what she plans to do for the community in 2016.
  • Want to contribute to Software Carpentry, but don't know how? There's a fantastic array of projects including development of new lessons, fixing up old ones, and much more. Jump in or contact us if you're interested in participating.

Other News

  • The past month saw a huge amount of Software Carpentry activities including:
  • Instructor Training events and feedback
  • Many Software Carpentry workshops were run and several people provided great write-ups about these. Write-ups are also available for a number of other workshops from which the Software Carpentry community could learn a great deal.
  • A few exciting developments in Data Carpentry
  • New lessons were developed and ideas to improve existing lessons were discussed
  • Several other posts have been published by community members

Instructor Training and Related Info

  • The 6 week online instructor training was recently completed. The final step before qualifying as instructors will take place in early 2016 together with trainees from the 2 day instructor training workshops.
  • Applications for the December instructor training came from 226 individuals from 45 submissions across a wide range of locations. We were only able to take 9 of those teams this time around, but hope to work with the others early in 2016.
  • Details about the groups selected for the December instructor training and more information about the applications received have been made available.
  • The mentoring sub committee has launched Pre-workshop Help Sessions to assist instructors and workshop organisers with general logistic tips. Please join us at future sessions if you are running a workshop for the first time.
  • Software Carpentry instructor training materials are now available online.
  • A proposal was developed to mentor new instructors. We're looking for feedback and volunteers who want to serve as mentors. More details and the full proposal are available.
  • We have also launched a community calendar to keep everyone informed of lab meetings, debriefings, and other community events. Add this to your own calender to be reminded of upcoming events.


  • CourseSource is an open access peer-reviewed journal for publishing lessons aimed at biological undergraduates. We're thinking of aligning with their standards in our next lesson update.
  • The Python lesson will be revamped in 2016. Instructors are invited to join the development teams.
  • Philip Johnson developed the Morea Framework for creating structured lesson websites using Jekyll and GitHub. It looks like an interesting resource and possibly useful for our own lessons. What do you think?
  • A new lesson on testing was posted by Katy Huff.

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