Collaboration with rOpenSci on training for working with open data

A grant to rOpenSci from Helmsley Charitable Trust supports a collaboration with Data Carpentry to develop training for the use and publication of open data.

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Congratulations to rOpenSci for their grant from the Helmsley Charitable Trust! Through this grant, Data Carpentry will be able to work with rOpenSci to develop and deliver lessons on R tools for data sharing, acquisition, retrieval, and visualization to support the use and publishing of open data.

rOpenSci aims to create tools and a community for working with and producing open data. Data Carpentry starts with data, and our goal is to enable researchers to turn data in to knowledge. This joint effort will allow us to provide training on how to work with the increasing amounts of publicly available data as well as how to effectively publish data for reproducibility and re-use. We’re excited about this opportunity and the support of rOpenSci through Helmsley for this effort!

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