August 3 - 17, 2015: Data Carpentry Funded, Citations, Improving Our Lessons, and Lab Data Management.

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  • Do you have suggestions for the citation format of our lessons? Should all contributers be named? Please participate in this discussion to help us move forward with making our lessons citeable.
  • How can we improve the next version of our Python 3 lesson? Contribute to the discussion before September when content of the next release will be decided upon.
  • Meanwhile, a few posts focussing on preparing for and teaching various lessons have appeared over the past months. You can help improve what and how we teach by sharing your experience in terms of content, format, and preparation for teaching at a Software Carpentry workshop.
  • Have you designed and built a data management system for your lab or project? Please share your experience to help us rethink how we teach databases and their integration with other tools.


ProjectIssuesPull Requests
shell-novice 1 2 1
git-novice 1 1 1
sql-novice-survey 11 2 2
python-novice-inflammation 24 3 5 7
r-novice-inflammation 1 1 1
amy 1 1 6 1 2 16
site 2 13 6 4

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