Weekly Update: Feb 21 - Feb 27, 2015

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Conversations: How do you fund your SWC workshops? Please join the conversation.
Should we remove old material when adding new in order to keep the lessons manageable? Should people have to teach the standard material a couple of times before introducing their own? Please contribute your ideas.
Resources: Remember to sign up for Software Carpentry's mailing lists. They are rich resources for scientific computing.
Great R cheat sheets available at RStudio include sheets for dplyr, tidyr, Shiny, and R Markdown.
A preview release of RStudio v0.99.315 is now available for testing and feedback. New features include for example the removal of the 1K row limit in Data Viewer.
IPython 3.0 has been released - congratulations to the whole team.
So you think you can data? The rOpenSci Hackathon is going to host a friendly data challenge between Hadley Wickham and Wes McKinney - please follow this GitHub issue for news.
Quotable: "This is @swcarpentry: try to teach enough in two days that things people find on the internet make a little more sense." @jiffyclub


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