Data Carpentry Genomics and Asssessment Hackathon

Announcing a Data Carpentry Genomics and Assessment Hackathon

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Through the support of SESYNC, BEACON and iPlant we are holding a hackathon for the development of lessons for a Genomics Data Carpentry and to develop assessment for these lessons as well as an assessment framework for all Data Carpentry lessons.

Dates: March 23-25, 2015
Location: Cold Spring Harbor Labs, NY

Goal: Develop materials and assessment for a two day Data Carpentry workshop focusing on the skills needed to work with genomic data

Call for Participation

Application for Participation deadline: January 30, 2015

We would love to have the participation of people working in genomics or bioinformatics, those involved in training in this domain, those working in assessment, or any others who are interested in helping to shape the curriculum. We aim to assemble a diverse and interdisciplinary group of scientists, educators, and developers, encompassing various levels of experience and a broad set of skills and encourage applications from anyone interested.

We’re very excited about this event and the opportunity to develop lessons targeting genomics researchers and build assessment in to the curriculum. Travel support is available. Please apply to participate!

If you are wondering if you should apply to participate in this hackathon or have any questions, please get in touch admin@datacarpentry.org


Organizing Committee

  • Hilmar Lapp, Duke University
  • Mary Shelley, SESYNC
  • Mike Smorul, SESYNC
  • Tracy Teal, Data Carpentry
  • Jason Williams, iPlant

Dialogue & Discussion

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