ARCHER Software Carpentry workshop at The University of Edinburgh

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

ARCHER, the UK's national supercomputing service, offers training in software development and high-performance computing to scientists and researchers across the UK. As part of our training service we are running a 2 day Software Carpentry workshop at EPCC, The University of Edinburgh, UK, on 3-4 December.

Software Carpentry workshops help researchers become more productive by teaching software development skills that enable more to be done, in less time, and with less pain. We will cover skills including version control, task automation, good programming practice and automated testing. These are skills that, in an ideal world, researchers would master before tackling anything with "cloud" or "peta" or "HPC" in their name, skills that enable researchers to optimise their time and provide them with a secure basis to optimise and parallelise their code.

This workshop is being run by EPCC, as part of ARCHER. The workshop is in collaboration with EPCC's PRACE Advanced Training Centre (PATC), and Software Carpentry.

I'll be instructing alongside my three EPCC colleagues, Arno Proeme, Mario Antonioletti and Alistair Grant, who will have just completed the Software Carpentry: Instructor Training at TGAC this October.

For more information and to register please, visit the ARCHER training page.

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