UCL Research Software Development is Hiring

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The University College London Research Software Development team is hiring.

Our goal is to enhance UCL's capacity to produce high quality research software, from simple but important data analysis scripts to complex simulations running on state-of-the-art supercomputers.

The remit of the Research Software Development Team is to:

  • provide researchers at UCL and their collaborators with the skills and tools they need to take control of their own software development, helping them create and maintain readable, reliable and efficient research Software
  • improve the sustainability of software created at UCL in the face of changes to hardware, staff and funding over time
  • encourage collaboration so that the life of software extends beyond the involvement of any one team or person.

We work as collaborators on research projects, providing a full software development service, and have contributed to projects from aneurysm blood flow simulation to ancient Iraqi text analysis, and from courtroom whodunnit bioinformatics to radiotelescope image cleanup. We act as advisors to researchers on issues relating to their research software development activities or plans and provide infrastructure and tools useful for computational research. We also provide training and teaching in programming and software development for research.

If you join the team you will design, extend, refactor, and maintain Scientific software across all subject areas. You will provide expert software engineering consulting services to world-leading research teams, modify legacy software to run on state-of-the-art high performance computing infrastructure, and work with researchers to build software to meet new research challenges.

The successful candidate will have created and maintained software to address advanced research problems in one or more fields, can rapidly assimilate understanding of new scientific questions, and quickly connect research needs to software requirements.

If you are committed to software development best practices, and know how to adapt these to research contexts, are expert in one or more languages and platforms used for scientific computing, and are keen to expand your knowledge of many fields of research, please apply to join us.

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