Research Computing Facilitator Jobs in Wisconsin

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

The Advanced Computing Infrastructure at the University of Wisconsin-Madison seeks to hire two Research Computing Facilitators (RCFs). The ideal RCF will apply a background of academic research and the use of computation to assist campus researchers in enhancing their research endeavors through the use of on- and off-campus compute resources. Additionally, RCFs should possess the interpersonal skills to interface with researchers (faculty, graduate students, etc.) and campus technical staff from a variety of organizations and compute-related services, including the campus's large-scale computing center. Primary activities include consultations with researchers and the production of education/outreach materials distributed on the web and in person. Experience teaching research computing topics, such as those in Software Carpentry bootcamps, will be a plus. Please see the full description for more details. All activities will be bolstered by participation in the NSF ACI-REF program, where a primary goal is to build an inter-campus network of facilitators and technical staff.

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