Announcing Two More WiSE Bootcamps

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

Thanks to generous support from Waterfront International and Stevens Capital Management, we are pleased to announce that we are running two bootcamps for women in science and engineering this summer: one in Philadelphia on June 24-25, and the other in Toronto on July 8-9. Both bootcamps are open to female graduate students, post-docs, and faculty in science, engineering, and medicine, particularly those interested in analyzing large data, and build on previous WiSE bootcamps in Boston in 2013 and Berkeley earlier this year.

Topics will include automating repetitive tasks with the Unix shell, developing modular programs in Python, collaborating and tracking work with Git, and managing data with SQL. Registration is now open for both Philadelphia and Toronto; space is limited, so please sign up early.

Stevens Capital Management
Waterfront International

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