A Lot of Bootcamps in the Works

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

Last week, we ran our first bootcamp in Brazil—many thanks to Raniere Silva for this writeup about what worked and what didn't. We'll visit several other new countries over the next three months, as well as running a bunch of other events—we'll post again as registration opens up for these:

United-States Boulder May 23, 2014
Australia Melbourne Jun 02-04, 2014
Italy Pisa Jun 04-06, 2014
United-States Ithaca Jun 4-5, 2014
Cyprus Cyprus Jun 10-11, 2014
Jordan Amman Jun 16-17, 2014
United-States Los Angeles Jun 16-17, 2014
United-States Davis Jun 16-17, 2014
United-States Durham Jun 16-17, 2014
Canada Toronto Jun 16-17, 2014
United-States Stony Brook Jul 08-09, 2014
Canada Toronto Jul 15-16, 2014
Australia Brisbane Jul 30-31, 2014
United-States St. Louis Aug 11-12, 2014
United-States Nashville Aug 12-13, 2014

And to put our growth in perspective, here's the cumulative attendance over the past two and a half years:

Cumulative Enrolment Jan 2012-May 2014

and our monthly totals (which will be higher for 2014 once we get all our data entered):

Monthly Enrolment Jan 2012-May 2014

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