Mozilla Science Lab Community Call for December 2013

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

The last community call of the season for the Mozilla Science Lab will take place this Thursday, December 12. The call is open to the public and will start at 11 am ET. Call in details can be found on the call etherpad and on the wiki.

The Science Lab meeting is our community call, running every four weeks, highlighting what we're up to as well as work of the community relevant to science and the web. Join us to hear more about current projects, ways you can get involved, and discuss issues around open science.

On this call, we're thrilled to welcome a number of key community members who will be telling us more about their work. We'll be hearing from University of Washington's Ed Lazowska, part of the recently announced Moore/Sloan grant funding three major US universities to look at changing the culture regarding data science.

We'll also be joined by Arfon Smith (co-founder of Zooniverse who recently started at GitHub) and Mark Hahnel (of figshare) who will be speaking about our newest project at the Science Lab on code as a research object. They'll be giving us a look at where we've come with data, and how that may map to integrating code into the scholarly workflow.

Have a project, idea or blog post you'd like to share relevant to open science? Add it to the etherpad (see line 66).

Mark your calendars, and help us spread the word. Our first call (rather literally) broke the dial-in line (check out the amazing etherpad here), maxing out on participants. We've troubleshooted the line and upped the limit—let's see if we can replicate last month's participation! For call-in details and links to the etherpad, visit our wiki page. We hope you'll join us.

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