Announcing the Mozilla Science Lab

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

We're very excited to announce the launch of the Mozilla Science Lab, a new initiative that will help researchers around the world use the open web to shape science's future. The Science Lab will foster dialog between the open web community and scientific researchers. Together they'll share ideas, tools, and best practices for using next-generation web solutions to solve real problems in science, and explore ways to make research more agile and collaborative.

The project will be lead by Kaitlin Thaney, a long-time open science advocate. Kaitlin helped found and manage the science program at Creative Commons, and previously worked at Digital Science, a tech company focused on research tools and incubation for science startups. She also advises policymakers on digital infrastructure, data-intensive science, and education to make scientific research more collaborative, open, and reproducible.

For more information, please follow the Science Lab and Kaitlin Thaney on Twitter, or see the announcement from Mark Surman the director of the Mozilla Foundation, or this post by Kaitlin.

We're pretty excited :-)

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