The Great Licenceathon

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

The Software Sustainability Institute's Simon Hettrick writes:

Intellectual Property (IP) is a thorny issue in academia, generally because people don't know who owns what. There's a lot of hearsay, rumour and—frankly—misunderstanding about IP ownership, so we've decided to run an experiment. And we're going to need some guinea pigs…

To get a better understanding of how academia deals with IP ownership, we're running The Great Licenceathon. This will see people at different organisations working out who owns their IP. They'll then blog about their experiences and we'll pick through those blogs to see whether there's some common lessons we can learn.

If you want to know who owns your IP, and you have time to ask a few questions at your organisation, then please get in touch.

I think this information will be extremely useful, not least because we're thinking about adding discussion of licensing and open access to the "day 3" material for our bootcamps. Please check out the entire blog post, and please do get in touch with Simon.

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