First Round at Lawrence Berkeley

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

We just wrapped up a two-day workshop at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and another is due to start tomorrow. Here's what worked and what didn't from the first one:

Good Bad
  • Doing examples ourselves
  • Liked Python examples
  • Interactive
  • Greg kinda knows this stuff
  • Like the history lessons etc.
  • Went through a lot of things
  • Liked IPython Notebook
  • Like intro to Git
  • Intro to shell
  • Examples are incremental
  • Good mix of theory and hands-on
  • Sticky notes
  • Everything is open source
  • Liked keeping functions small
  • Liked red-green-refactor
  • Little more structure please
  • Lost with how to use Git
  • Wanted a cheat sheet
  • Wanted more Python
  • Not a break Monday aft.
  • Not clear how to apply all tips to all things
  • Wanted more structure Monday aft. (and I was teaching it)
  • Wanted cookies in the afternoon
  • Too many things at once
  • Poor choice of room
  • Need a book or handouts
  • Didn't see Python interact with R and MATLAB
  • More specific to specific groups
  • Bringing Python back to the shell etc.
  • How to save terminal session/notebook/etc.

Many thanks to Shreyas Cholia, Adam Stone, Nina Lucido, Geoff Oxberry, Matthew Brett, Paul Ivanov, and all our learners for making it a success.

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