Utah State University Wrap-Up

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

Our bootcamp at Utah State University finished earlier today—many thanks once again to Ethan White and his friends for hosting us. Here's what the students thought:

Good Bad
  • keeping history
  • break work into pieces
  • integrating different things
  • good for different levels of knowledge
  • liked the pace
  • good tech support from helpers
  • download data from the web
  • liked the escalation
  • using up-to-date languages
  • emphasis on commonality of patterns
  • liked flexibility
  • talked about formatting/style
  • everything consistent
  • Greg's stories
  • hearing from multiple people
  • organized around simple, general structural things
  • liked structure around data processing
  • machine/software setup
  • hard to keep up with Greg's typing
  • wind tunnel
  • no beer
  • assumed knowledge we didn't have
  • less lecture, more time on examples/practicals
  • rushed
  • wide range of applicability
  • wanted more complicated examples
  • some things glossed over
  • don't understand strengths/weaknesses of languages
  • would have liked time to make better examples
  • some places were "show" not "do"
  • didn't cover testing
  • Greg's stories
  • couldn't tell if people were with us or not
  • hard to keep track of what tool we were in
  • coordination across people

Next stop: London!

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