Take Out Agile, and Add...What?

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

Based on the feedback we've received so far (both as comments and by email), it looks like we should take development methodologies (i.e., agile development) out of the core curriculum and replace it with two hours on:

  1. Nothing: there's already too much in the core.
  2. Spreadsheets: because many scientists use them badly.
  3. NumPy and/or Pandas: because many of them are crunching matrices/doing stats.
  4. Visualization: which in practice would mean the basics of matplotlib.
  5. Image manipulation: because it's fun as well as useful, and lets us talk about binary vs. text data.

I am quite arbitrarily limiting options to those five. Please cast your vote (one vote, not three out of five) in comments. We'd be grateful if you could include a brief explanation as well.

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