How to Cite Software Carpentry

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If you are citing Software Carpentry in papers or technical reports, the web site and the 2006 article in Computing in Science & Engineering are probably best; the other articles below provide other background that might also be useful. I hope to update the 2006 article some time this year, but a lot of other things are ahead of it in queue...

    author =  {Gregory V. Wilson},
    title =   {Where's the Real Bottleneck in Scientific Computing?},
    journal = {American Scientist},
    month =   {January--February},
    year =    {2005},
    note =    {Discusses the difference between machine speed and human productivity, and explains why the latter is more important for most computational scientists.}

    author =  {Greg Wilson},
    title =   {Software Carpentry: Getting Scientists to Write Better Code by Making Them More Productive},
    journal = {Computing in Science \& Engineering},
    month =   {November--December},
    year =    {2006},
    note =    {Summarizes the what and why of Version 3 of the course.}

    author =  {Greg Wilson},
    title =   {Those Who Will Not Learn From History...},
    journal = {Computing in Science \& Engineering},
    month =   {May--June},
    year =    {2008},
    note =    {Argues that equating "scientific computing" and "high performance computing" is bad for the former, and detrimental to most computational scientists.}

    author =    {Jo Erskine Hannay and Hans Petter Langtangen and Carolyn MacLeod and Dietmar Pfahl and Janice Singer and Greg Wilson},
    title =     {How Do Scientists Develop and Use Scientific Software?},
    booktitle = {Proc. 2009 ICSE Workshop on Software Engineering for Computational Science and Engineering},
    year =      {2009},
    note =      {Summarizes the largest survey ever done of how scientists actually use computers, what they know, and what they find difficult.}

    author =  {Gregory Wilson},
    title =   {How Do Scientists Really Use Computers?},
    journal = {American Scientist},
    month =   {September--October},
    year =    {2009},
    note =    {A short (and more readable) summary of the survey reported in Hannay et al.}

    author =       {Greg Wilson},
    title =        {Software Carpentry web site},
    howpublished = {},
    accessed =     {December 2010},
    note =         {Main web site for Software Carpentry, replacing}

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