Mid-term Quiz Results

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

A few weeks ago we gave a quiz to the SWC students on the first three topics of the course: Version Control, Spreadsheets, and Databases. We did this in addition to our student check-ins in order to get a sense of how the students were doing with the material. Half of the class (24 students) submitted their answers.

Everyone did really, really well! The majority of the mistakes were small SQL syntax errors, or other similarly minor things.

Problem areas:

  • Spreadsheets — Absolute References:
    This was probably the most common error made on the quiz. There were quite a few instances where students failed to recognize the necessity of using absolute references in their solutions. (Questions 2 and 6 in the Spreadsheets section of the quiz.)
  • Databases — Nested Queries:
    The final question of the quiz involved nested queries. A few of the students did not use nested queries correctly, or failed to use them at all.
  • Version Control — Comments:
    Ah, of course. There was tendency for students to skip the "give a meaningful comment" part when explaining how to commit changes to a repository.

Overall, the students did very well. We did not assign numeric scores, but the majority of the quizzes were perfect or near to it.

Well done, Fall 2010 class!

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