Done In London

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

We wrapped up this week's class in London today: I think a lot of the students felt that they'd been in the wind tunnel most of the week, but the feedback was fairly positive:


  • new content (hadn't seen before)
  • covered a lot (good to see things)
  • easy to apply / pragmatic
  • group exercises were fun / useful
  • Subversion
  • entertaining instructor (blah blah blah)
  • better understanding of best practices
  • persuasive arguments for best practices
  • nice to meet everybody!
  • accidental knowledge transfer (vertically and sideways)


  • too much too fast (got lost on Tuesday)
  • spent time thinking about programming tasks while instructor was showing solution
  • covered a lot (would have liked warmup before arrival)
  • too much hummus (could have used more variety in food)
  • not enough networking
  • how does it run on my machine??
  • not enough connection with sound
  • introduced software we may never use
  • not long enough (need more time)
  • no incentive to do exercises / homework

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