Eight Episodes on the Unix Shell

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

I had planned to leave it out, but your votes count: the first eight screencasts of our lecture on the Unix shell are now online. Topics covered are:

  1. Introduction (4:09)
  2. Files and Directories (9:55)
  3. Creating and Deleting (6:23)
  4. Pipes and Filters (9:11)
  5. Permissions (10:54)
  6. Finding Things (9:22)
  7. Job Control (5:37)
  8. Variables (6:49)

I've already got a list of changes to make (thanks to feedback from IsaacG2—my apologies, but I didn't see your comments until after I'd recorded), but I hope this will be a good start. And for those who are interested, the eight episodes together took 36.5 hours to write, revise, record, and edit, for 62:20 of screen time. That's better than the 50:1 ratio I was clocking in June, but I need to squeeze it further if I'm going to finish everything on time.

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