Two More Episodes on Version Control

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

The third and fourth episodes of our lecture on version control are now online. These explain how to handle conflicts from concurrent edits, and how to roll back changes. As with the second episode on basic workflow, they use a mix of slides, screen recording, and sound effects.

The next episode is supposed to explain how to create a repository, but I'm still trying to figure out what to show people. A repo on the same machine that's being used for development is better than nothing, but that doesn't help people share work with colleagues. On the other hand, creating a repo on a server somewhere requires at least basic knowledge of the shell: even if someone is willing to type in a password for each interaction (so that they don't need to know about public/private keypairs), they'll need to know enough to SSH in to the server and run "svnadmin create reponame". There are web-based control panels for creating and managing repositories, and we could just require them to ask their friendly neighborhood sys admin to set that up, but it's just enough of a stumbling block to, well, be a stumbling block. Suggestions would be welcome...

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