Day 9

This post originally appeared on the Software Carpentry website.

Week two of Software Carpentry, and things are starting to settle down. There are now 93 (!) people signed up for the course:

U of T Elsewhere
Auditing 18 21
Enrolled 25  
Unknown 29  

Of those actually at the University of Toronto (as opposed to the
local hospitals—a few radiologists are sitting in) the breakdown

16 Computer Science
14 Physics
9 Civil Engineering
  Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
5 Biochemistry
  Institute for Aerospace Studies
2 Institute of Medical Science
1 Astronomy
  Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering
  Medical Biophysics
  Non-degree student

This week's lecture went much more smoothly than last week's, in part because we were in a larger room, with seating for everyone, and in part because the content was an introduction to Python, which I've given more times than I can count. There were still some glitches in the slides, though: a few things were out of order, and I really do need to choose more concrete examples. 33 students have completed the first exercise, which is already more than I'd expected—I'm feeling uncharacteristically optimistic right now ;-)

The past week has also CSC49X, the fourth-year Computer Science project course. 23 students are working on 10 different projects (24 and 11 respectively, if you count Sean Dawson's paid-but-not-for-course-credit work on a sequence diagram debugger plugin for Eclipse). DrProject (our Trac-derived project management system) is holding up so far, and we're almost finished setting it up for two other courses to use this term as well. Not bad for Day 9 of term; not bad at all.

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