Publishing Community Member Profiles

What data do we publish?

The Carpentries publishes lists of our Instructors, Maintainers, Mentors, and Trainers. These lists come from profiles in AMY, our internal database. Individuals must consent to having their profiles published by logging in to their AMY profile.

Instructors may also appear on our Instructor map if they have identified an airport in their profile. The map offers aggregate information about where our instructors are based. To maintain privacy, individuals are not publicly identified by their airport, only their initials are displayed on the map.

Why are things set up this way?

While we want to showcase our diverse community, we also want to maintain individual privacy. To help you connect with local communities, The Carpentries offers local and regional mailing lists and Slack channels. If you do not see a list in your region, contact us. We will set up a list and invite our community members in that region to join. Community members can opt-in to these lists.

Why do I not see my profile on the website?

For your profile to appear on our website, you must consent to having your profile published by logging in to your AMY profile. In order to show up on the Instructor map, you must also specify your airport. The airport closest to you may not be the one you use the most; how you identify your location is up to you.

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