Subcommittees and Task Forces

A lot of Carpentries activity is supported by volunteer Subcommittees and Task Forces, whose members solve problems, explore new ideas, and support the growth of the Carpentries community. Subcommittees and Task Forces are proposed and run by community members like you.

Current Subcommittees and Task Forces

Existing Subcommittees and Task Forces welcome new members. Check out these active groups.

MaintainersLesson Maintenance, Lesson and Workshop TemplatesTBA
MentoringInstructor Discussion Sessions, Post-Instructor Training Support, Mentoring Groups, Instructor & Helper
Task Forces
Task ForceGoalsContact
African Task ForceThe African Task Force is involved in workshop support and instructor mentoring on the African continent.African Task Force
AMY DevelopmentPlan and implement features for the Carpentries’ member database, AMY.Open an Issue