The Lesson Infrastructure Committee

The Lesson Infrastructure Committee went into hiatus in March 2020 due to the pandemic and is not currently active. Read more in this blog post: The Lesson Infrastructure Commitee: Past, Present, and Future.

Members of the Lesson Infrastructure Committee served as Maintainers for The Carpentries lesson template and its documentation, as well as for The Carpentries workshop template.

Our Goal:
To maintain and update lesson and workshop templates for The Carpentries.

Our Approach:
We did this by conducting meetings where we reviewed current issues and plan updates. Minutes and other information are stored in this GitHub repo.

Our Structure:
We held monthly meetings. See our etherpad for meeting times and agenda items.

Our Past Membership:

  • Maxim Belkin
  • Sarah Brown
  • Rémi Emonet
  • Kate Hertweck
  • François Michonneau
  • Tracy Teal
  • Raniere Silva
  • Naupaka Zimmerman

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