The CarpentryCon Task Force

The CarpentryCon Task Force’s mission is organise and host a meeting every two years to bring together members of the global Carpentries community and people with similar interests. In 2018, the Task Force organised the very successful inaugural CarpentryCon. A call is currently out for new members to join the Task Force to build the next CarpentryCon, scheduled for 2020.

Our Goal:
To organise an event that will bring together and skill up members of the global Carpentries community and people with similar interests.

Our Approach:
We hold monthly meetings. At the moment, we are reviewing the last CarpentryCon so as to be better placed to organise the next. We are looking for volunteers to join the Task Force.

Our Structure:
The Task Force has monthly meetings, which are open to new members. Meetings are scheduled, organised, and run through this etherpad. We also organise information about our work and record minutes of meetings though this GitHub repo.

Our Leadership:
Fotis Psomopoulos and Malvika Sharan are the current co-Chairs of the Task Force.

Other members:

  • Mark Laufersweiler
  • Tracy Teal
  • Ivo Arrey
  • Belinda Weaver
  • Danielle Quinn
  • SherAaron Hurt

Contacting the Task Force:
Email us. You can also join the #carpentrycon channel on The Carpentries Slack.

CarpentryCon2018 @ Dublin

The 2018 CarpentryCon Task Force, pictured at CarpentryCon 2018 in Dublin.

Back row: Danielle Quinn, Fotis Psomopoulos, Erin Becker, Mark Laufersweiler, Belinda Weaver, Kari Jordan, Tracy Teal, SherAaron Hurt.
Front row: (L-R) Ivo Agbor Arrey, Malvika Sharan, Elizabeth Williams.

Image CC BY-SA by Bérénice Batut. Go to original image.