Welcome to our Newest Lesson Maintainers!

26 new Lesson Maintainers badged

We are pleased to announce that our most recent cohort of Lesson Maintainers have completed onboarding and are ready to support lessons across The Carpentries curricula. 26 new Maintainers participated in the two hour onboarding, with the following goals:

  • Orientation to The Carpentries goals and vision for lesson maintanence
  • Getting connected with other Maintainers and the overall Maintainer community
  • Developing skills for creating a positive environment for all contributors
  • Becoming familiar with the key components of the lesson template
  • Learning how and when to elevate issues to the Curriculum Advisory Committee

New and existing Maintainers were also invited to join a two hour GitHub Skill-up, aiming to teach them how to:

  • Manage issues more effectively with labels, referencing, and automatic closure
  • Use GitHub’s comment and suggestion features to review pull requests
  • Resolve simple merge conflicts using the GitHub web interface

We are excited to welcome these new members to the Maintainer community and look forward to working with them, and continuing to work with our many committed continuing Maintainers, over the coming months.

New Maintainers

For Data Carpentry - Astronomy:

  • Dimitrios Theodorakis
  • Catherine Martlin

For Data Carpentry - Ecology:

  • Carlos Rodrigues
  • Doug Joubert
  • Nikki Gentle
  • Elif Dede Yildirim
  • Tajudeen Akanbi Akinosho
  • Fonti Kar
  • Mary Tuttle

For Data Carpentry - Genomics:

  • Aida Miró-Herrans
  • Parcelli Jepchirchir
  • Caroline Kisielinski
  • Kathleen Chappell
  • Aziz Khan

For Data Carpentry - Geospatial Data:

  • Braden Owsley
  • Jon Jablonski
  • Kristi Liu

For Data Carpentry - Social Science:

  • Marijane White
  • Jose Niño Muriel

For Library Carpentry:

  • Seth Erickson
  • Jia Qi Beh
  • Roman Kuhn
  • Max Prud’homme
  • Annajiat Alim Rasel

For Software Carpentry:

  • Alberto Villagran
  • Erin Graham

A handful of applicants are still completing onboarding, so you may notice additional new Maintainers joining in the coming weeks as well. An enormous thank you is due to Nathaniel Porter, The Carpentries Maintainer Community Lead, who engaged in extensive planning and co-led the Maintainer Onboarding and associated GitHub Skill-up sessions.

We also thank the following alumni Maintainers, who stepped out of the role this year, for the many contributions they have made:

  • James Azam
  • Gerard Capes
  • Scott Gruber
  • Stéphane Guillou
  • Shari Laster
  • Jay Lee
  • Jesse Johnston
  • Mike Mahoney
  • April Moreno
  • David Pérez-Suárez
  • Aditya Ranganath
  • Fabrice Rwasimitana
  • Heidi Steiner
  • Aswathi Surendran
  • Robert Turner

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