The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation approves grant for Glosario

Support for Glosario, The Carpentries’ open-source, multilingual glossary for computing terms

To advance data science knowledge and accessibility for our diverse community, we developed Glosario. Today, we are pleased to share that the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation recently approved a grant for use over 12 months (November 2023 through October 2024) to support an upgrade to Glosario, the open-source, multilingual glossary for computing terms.

Since Glosario was developed in 2020, our global community has translated computing and data science terms into more than 24 languages, comprising more than 450 pull requests and 90 GitHub issues. The glossary helps learners attend workshops and use our lessons to make sense of computational and programming jargon written in English by offering it in their native language. Translating data science terms also provides a teaching tool for Carpentries Instructors to reduce barriers for their learners.

The Glosario glossary itself is openly available online (, and as libraries in R and Python. Glosario is available under a Creative Commons Attribution license, and its content is stored in a structured plain-text format (i.e., YAML) to ensure machine-readability.

We are proud to be supported by the Public Knowledge Program at Mellon and are among projects worldwide actively making knowledge accessible to all.

What’s Next?

We hope you will join us at one of the virtual Glosario contribution drives this year! These drives will increase the number of languages Glosario supports and the number of data science terms available for current Glosario languages.

The first ‘codefest’ will run in conjunction with The Carpentries’ Board of Directors retreat in Oakland, California (USA) to encourage new contributions to Glosario from our governance. The linguistically diverse board represents several regions, including DACH, Oceania, and South America. Board members will translate terms into several languages, including Hindi, Spanish, and German.

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