Join us for CarpentryConnect Heidelberg 2024!

Announcing a community event in Heidelberg, Germany, 12-14 November 2024.

We are very excited to announce the upcoming CarpentryConnect Heidelberg 2024 (CCHD2024), scheduled to take place in Heidelberg, Germany, from November 12th to 14th, 2024.

Following the success of CarpentryConnect Manchester 2019, we aim to create an event where members of The Carpentries community from Germany and beyond can come together to explore and discuss community-led software and data skills training as well as capacity building initiatives.

CCHD2024 will feature a diverse range of sessions. The event will include breakouts, posters, lightning talks, workshops and curriculum co-working sessions, all centred around the Theme: “Community-led training beyond academia”.

Attendees can expect engaging discussions, hands-on learning experiences and the opportunity to network with various communities.

Who is organising the event?

The event will be hosted by The Bio Network for Training (BioNT) consortium with all its international partners and in collaboration with The Carpentries and their community members. CCHD2024 will run parallel to the BioNT community event, fostering collaboration and networking opportunities. The organising committee, consisting of experts with various backgrounds, includes (in alphabetical order):

  • Renato Alves, EMBL - Heidelberg
  • Silvia Di Giorgio, ZB MED - Cologne
  • Anne Fouilloux, Simula Research Laboratory - Oslo
  • Toby Hodges, The Carpentries - Heidelberg
  • Claudia Kapp, IQWiG - Cologne
  • Rabea Müller, ZB MED - Cologne
  • Teresa Müller, University of Freiburg
  • Lisanna Paladin, EMBL - Heidelberg
  • Isabela Paredes Cisneros, EMBL - Heidelberg
  • Giacomo Peru, SSI - Edinburgh
  • Till Sauerwein, ZB MED - Cologne

Over the coming months, the organising committee will lead several initiatives to ensure a successful CCHD2024. These efforts include:

  • calling for workshops and session contributions
  • drafting a program
  • seeking sponsors for the event

For updates, announcements, and detailed information about CarpentryConnect Heidelberg 2024, please visit our event website. Stay tuned for exciting developments as we work to bring this vision to life!

Get Involved: Call for Volunteers

To ensure the success of CCHD2024, we invite you to be a part of the organisation team. Whether you’re interested in shaping the program, coordinating logistics, or helping with outreach and communication, your involvement is invaluable. If you are passionate about community-led training and would like to contribute your skills, we encourage you to contact Silvia Di Giorgio.

Get Involved: Call for Sponsors

We are looking for sponsors to join us in supporting this event. Various sponsorship levels are available, and we are flexible in modelling them according to your needs. Could you contact Silvia Di Giorgio to explore options and discuss how your support can make a difference?

Help us find the perfect sponsors! If you know someone interested in supporting community-led training, share this call for sponsors. Together, let’s make CCHD2024 an unforgettable event.

About the Venue

The EMBL Heidelberg campus is located in the hills of Heidelberg, surrounded by forest, and a well-renowned venue for holding scientific conferences and courses. Several rooms with different sizes and features were booked for the event and will allow hosting workshops of different types. The rooms are distributed between two buildings, the main one and the EMBL Imaging Centre. A detailed map and guide to move around the campus will be shared with the participants later. Additionally, a room for prayer is available in the Advance Training Center on level E0 behind the auditorium on campus. The public bus 39A serves the EMBL campus and reaches the city centre and the train station. Taxis can be easily booked from the campus reception.

Dialogue & Discussion

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