Enhancements to the Toolkit of IDEAS

Introducing Version 2.0

The Toolkit of IDEAS emerged from recommendations provided by ReadySet, a diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting firm that conducted an organisational assessment of The Carpentries in 2020. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of Kari L. Jordan, Executive Director of The Carpentries, and the generous support of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, this project became a reality. Tara Robertson Consulting Inc. was enlisted in March 2022 to lead this initiative, working closely with the Carpentries Core Team’ Team Leads and the broader community.

CarpentryCon 2022 was an exciting milestone for The Carpentries community, as it marked the official launch of the Toolkit of IDEAS (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility Strategies). This resource was designed to empower Carpentries Instructors, Helpers, and workshop hosts with the knowledge and tools to foster inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible learning environments. During CarpentryCon 2022, we introduced the Toolkit and gathered feedback to enhance its usability for members of our community. In recent months, we have incorporated your feedback and ideas into a new version of the Toolkit. This blog post will explore the recent additions and improvements to this resource that support the community as it strives to continuously embody our core values.

Enhancements Made

The Toolkit of IDEAS is organised into four key sections: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility. For each section, you’ll find a definition, a connection to Carpentries core values, and actionable steps to promote these principles. The Toolkit is designed to encourage both reflection and action, recognising that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions in the pursuit of inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility. With version 2.0, several noteworthy enhancements were introduced, including:

DEI and Accessibility Statement: A clear statement reaffirming The Carpentries commitment to diversity, equity, and accessibility was added, setting the tone for the Toolkit’s content.

Intersectionality: Recognising the complexity of identities, we have included Intersectionality in some of the sections to underscore the importance of addressing multiple aspects of an individual’s identity in promoting inclusivity.

Host-Specific Information: Valuable guidance for hosts on their role in fostering inclusive learning environments was incorporated, emphasising the host’s pivotal role in creating an equitable workshop and utilising resources at the host institution.

Managing Disruptive Learners: Techniques and strategies to address disruptive behaviours in workshops were introduced, offering insights into maintaining a positive and inclusive learning atmosphere.

Example Language: Practical examples of inclusive language were provided to assist Instructors, Helpers, and hosts in their communication efforts.

Improved Flow: The Toolkit’s structure was refined to enhance the flow and user-friendliness of sections, making it easier for community members to access the information they need.

Get Involved

If you’re passionate about inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility and want to contribute to the development of this Toolkit, reach out to workshops@carpentries.org to get involved. Together, we can continue to make The Carpentries community a more welcoming and equitable space for all.

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