Thank You to our Regional Coordinators

Phasing out the Regional Coordinator role

In 2021, we announced the development of the Carpentries Community Development Program, which merges the role of Regional Coordinators, Community Facilitators, and Champions into one role as Community Coordinators. The Community Development Team has worked effortlessly over the last 2 years to make this happen!

The Carpentries are extremely grateful for the work of our Regional Coordinators. These individuals were granted work hours or volunteered their personal time to help support the coordination of workshops in their region. This has been extremely helpful because Regional Coordinators are active in their local regions and understand the workshop needs of the Instructors, Hosts, and Learners.

While the Workshop Administration Team is sad to say goodbye to the Regional Coordinators, we are beyond thankful for their efforts. It is with their input that we have been able to develop workflows to decrease the amount of time needed to process workshop requests, develop programming for Instructors, and update the workshop website, to name a few.

Regional Coordinators may no longer assist with workshops, but that does not mean they are no longer involved. These individuals will be more engaged with the community and doing things that are more visible, such as leading community sessions. As we phase out the Regional Coordinator role, we want to say a thank you to the following individuals who have served in this capacity:

  • Rabea Müller, DACH Region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland)
  • Damien Irving, Australia*
  • Matthias Liffers, Australia
  • Anelda van der Walt, Africa
  • Erika Mias, Africa
  • Aleksandra Nenadic, United Kingdom
  • Giacomo Peru, United Kingdom
  • James Desjardins, Canada
  • John Simpson, Canada
  • Naoe Tatara, Nordic Region
  • Megan Guidry, New Zealand
  • Georgiana Rae, New Zealand
  • Nooriyan Poonawala-Lohani, New Zealand

*Damien will still be supporting the Australian community with workshop coordination

Remember, if you have any questions concerning workshops, you can contact the Workshop Adminstration Team!

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