Piloting Meal Reimbursement: A Way of Saying Thank You

Piloting Meal Reimbursements for Instructors teaching online Centrally-Organised Workshops.

In 2020 we launched the pilot of online workshops, and our Instructor community rallied around this new format. Much effort has gone into organising, coordinating, and teaching these workshops. We are beyond grateful for your continued commitment and support, and we would like to show our appreciation for all of your efforts. Over the next few months, we will pilot meal reimbursements for select online Centrally-Organised workshops as a way of saying thank you.

What will this entail?

The Workshop Administration Team will identify 10-20 workshops globally to test the reimbursement process. Each Instructor will be reimbursed up to 100USD for meals purchased while teaching a piloted online Centrally-Organised workshop. If a workshop is part of the pilot, this will be indicated in the notes for the workshop on the recruitment page in AMY. If you are selected for a piloted workshop, further instructions and details regarding the process will be sent once all Instructors are confirmed

Compared to the perks of teaching an in-person Centrally-Organised Workshop, we know this is a small gesture. However, we would like to show our appreciation more visibly, and we hope this will help to accomplish that. If you are interested in taking part in this pilot, please visit AMY’s upcoming workshops page beginning 14 August 2023.

While we are piloting this phase, we will be keeping track of how long it takes for Instructors to sign up to teach and to get reimbursed, and we will be gathering feedback from Instructors to improve the process. Once we have assessed the pilot, we will plan to implement this for ALL workshops in 2024. Please contact the Workshops Administration Team with any questions you may have.

Thank you for being such a pivotal part of sharing The Carpentries mission and vision! We are excited to bring this opportunity to you!

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