Welcoming the New Lesson Program Governance Committees

Community leaders who will guide project strategy for Data Carpentry, Library Carpentry, and Software Carpentry

I am delighted to announce the new Lesson Program Governance Committees for Data Carpentry, Library Carpentry, and Software Carpentry. These committees will provide community leadership for each lesson program, with responsibility to oversee project strategy, advocate for the lesson program and its community, and to communicate with the Executive Council, the Core Team, and the Carpentries community as a whole.

These committees are essential to the long-term health of The Carpentries as a community-led organisation, and I am deeply grateful to the following community members for stepping into the role.

Data Carpentry Governance Committee

  • Mike Mahoney
  • Ivelina Momcheva (Secretary)
  • Ulf Schiller
  • Luis Villanueva (Chair)

Library Carpentry Governance Committee

  • Yared Abera
  • Mary Filsell
  • Ekatarina Grguric (Chair)
  • Elizabeth McAulay (Secretary)
  • Belinda Weaver

Software Carpentry Governance Committee

  • Samantha Ahern (Co-chair)
  • Valentina Hurtado-McCormick (Co-chair)
  • Martino Sorbaro (Secretary)

Committee members completed an onboarding program in April and have move on to begin planning their first meetings. If you would like to raise anything for them to discuss, you can contact the Lesson Program Governance Commitees via dedicated TopicBox lists:

and/or open an issue on the relevant GitHub repository:

You can read more about the need for these new committees, and the powers and responsibilities they have taken on, in two previous posts to this blog:

  1. Planning for Lesson Program Governance Committees (published November 2022)
  2. Calling for Volunteers to join a Lesson Program Governance Committee (published January 2023)

Thank you to Stephen Appel, Lex Nederbragt, Aleksandra Nenadic, Irene Ramos, Annajiat Alim Rasel, Vini Salazar, Sarah Stevens, Greg Wilson, Karen Word, Masami Yamaguchi, and everyone else who got involved with this process, whether by volunteering to join a committee, reviewing applications, supporting the onboarding process, or in any other way.

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