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Calling ALL Instructors, Experienced Instructors and New Instructors

As a Carpentries Instructor, how do you get updated information? Through email, slack channel or a blog post? These are all great ways to gather information, however, it is not as conducive if you have questions, concerns or feedback regarding the information shared.

The Carpentries Workshop Administration Team recognized we were missing an opportunity to connect with Instructors and hear from you to make your teaching experience better. To bridge the gap we now host monthly meetings for Instructors!

These monthly meetings are held every second Tuesday of the month at 3:00 pm UTC and 9:00 pm UTC. These calls will be a time to get to know and support each other, share and receive updates and tips, and for us to receive feedback from all of you!

Please check the meeting time in your time zone for the 3:00 pm UTC call and the 9:00 pm UTC call.

If there are specific questions or concerns you have, we would love for you to add them to the etherpad ahead of time. There are several ways for you to contribute to the meetings.

Pre & Post Workshop Discussion

If you will be teaching a workshop and have questions or have recently taught a workshop and would like to share your experience, please add your name to this section of the etherpad. This is great for new Instructors to hear your experience and prepare for their first workshop.

Tips and Trick

If you have advice or pointers that you use as an Instructor to help you in the classroom we would love for you to share those with the Instructor Community. You may have several tricks up your sleeve and we would like to learn all about them during this section of the meeting. You can add your name to the “Tips and Tricks” section of the etherpad.

Topic for Discussion

There may be a specific area you would like to discuss with the entire Instructor community. Please add your suggestions to the etherpad. The Workshop Administration Team will review the etherpad prior to the meeting and select the topic for the month. If your topic is not selected for that month, no worries, it will be listed for an upcoming meeting.

It is our hope that we use this time to connect, share and learn as much as possible. These meetings are for all Instructors! Yes, new Instructors, experienced Instructors, Instructors who may have stepped away for a while, and/or recently badged Instructors. The Workshop Administration Team strives to make the Instructor’s teaching experience meaningful. We need to hear from you to ensure that our recommendations are working.

This is your formal invitation to please join us next week at the Instructor Meeting. Invite other Instructors you may know! Please sign up on the Instructor Meetings Etherpad to let us know you are coming and add your name to any of the sections mentioned above

Dialogue & Discussion

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