Happy New Year from Dr. Kari L. Jordan, The Carpentries Executive Director

Welcome to 2023 at The Carpentries - A year dedicated to prioritising community health

Welcome to 2023 at The Carpentries!

I spent time during the holiday period reflecting on what we accomplished in 2022, the feedback you shared, and the priorities our Core Team have identified after serving and working with our various community segments. It is clear that we must make a concerted effort to strengthen our community through training, support, and getting creative with how we appreciate and recognise your contributions. After all, we are nothing and can do nothing without each and every one of you.

That is why one of our organisational priorities this year is Community Health. We will make a concerted effort to recognise, empower, and motivate community members through new programs and initiatives, all with our values in mind. Please stay active on our communications channels so that you do not miss out on what is to come.

Additionally, I am pleased to announce that in the second quarter of this year, we will be launching the newly redesigned carpentries.org. We have spent the last 18+ months building a new website, all in an effort to ensure compliance with accessibility recommendations and provide a positive user experience. We would love to feature one or more of you on the new site, so consider sharing a testimonial if the community has personally impacted you or your organisation.

Lastly, please join me for Tea Time with The Carpentries’ Executive Director (Tuesday, 28 February 2023, 12:00 PM UTC). I want to see you, hear from you, and learn more about what you are excited about this year. Sign up for this conversation on the Community discussions etherpad. If you cannot make it this time, do not worry. There will be more opportunities for us to interac5 throughout the year.

We have much to be excited about in 2023 as we collaborate to advance our mission. I look forward to meeting and supporting this vibrant community, and as always, invite you to get in touch anytime.

Happy new year, everyone!

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