Announcing our new Deputy Director of Business

Talisha takes up leadership of the Business Team & Membership Program

A Message from Erin Becker

I am elated to announce that Talisha Sutton-Kennedy is advancing to a Junior Team Lead role, and will now be serving as The Carpentries Deputy Director of Business. Since 2018, Talisha has brought her keen attention to detail and process-improvement orientation to the Business and Membership Teams, leading to great improvements in efficiency and confidence in The Carpentries business administration processes. In her new role, Talisha will continue to strengthen our business operations, and will consolidate our Membership processing and support services within the Business Team. Congratulations Talisha!

A Message from Talisha Sutton-Kennedy

I am excited to be taking on the responsibilities of leading the Business Team & Membership Program. I began working with The Carpentries Core Team in 2018, and since then I’ve enjoyed supporting the community and working with an amazing team. As our community and Core Team have grown, my role has shifted to fill gaps, as needed, and I’ve had the opportunity to support The Carpentries in many capacities. In addition to my primary work responsibilities in business and financial administration, I’ve worked closely with the community while supporting the Membership, Workshop, and Instructor Training programs.

Under Kari’s leadership, the Business Team has launched The Carpentries Sponsorship program and streamlined many of our administrative processes. Similarly, with Erin’s leadership, the Membership program has grown to 102 members, introduced tiered pricing, and launched automated quarterly reporting to our member organisations. I am grateful for the opportunity to focus my role on the work of the Business Team, and continue building on the great work that we all have been doing.

If you would like to learn more about what we do, ask me a question, or share any concerns, please get in touch by email. I would love to hear from you.

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