Join us in Welcoming our New Maintainers!

Seven new Lesson Maintainers badged

We are pleased to announce that our most recent cohort of Lesson Maintainers have completed onboarding and are ready to support lessons across The Carpentries curricula. Seven new Maintainers completed independent study of the Maintainer onboarding curriculum, and demonstrated completion of the following goals:

  • Orientation to The Carpentries goals and vision for lesson maintenance
  • Getting connected with other Maintainers and the overall Maintainer community
  • Developing skills for creating a positive environment for all contributors
  • Becoming familiar with the key components of the lesson template
  • Practicing core technical skills for lesson maintenance
  • Learning how and when to elevate issues to the Curriculum Advisory Committee

We are excited to welcome these new members to the Maintainer community and look forward to working with them, and continuing to work with our many committed continuing Maintainers, over the coming months.

Our new Maintainers are:

For Data Carpentry - Ecology

  • James Foster

For Data Carpentry - Genomics

  • Stacey Borrego

For Data Carpentry - Geospatial

  • Marissa Block

For Data Carpentry - Social Sciences

  • Emilia Gan

For Software Carpentry

  • Nelly Sélem

For The Carpentries Instructor Training

  • David Perez-Suarez
  • Jon Wheeler

An enormous thank you is due to Vini Salazar, The Carpentries Maintainer Community Lead, who engaged in extensive planning and curriculum development led question and answer sessions with new Maintainers.

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